Our PhD students, some of whom started with us at the very outset of the project in November 2017, register for postgraduate research qualifications and, as they complete their studies, we would like to celebrate the fantastic successes they achieve here in this news update. We have been asking each of them to make one final report presentation to our industrial partners in advance of their viva. In addition, they are asked to prepare a 1-page summary of their work which specifically highlights the major achievements and outputs of their research. This can be used by the industrial sponsors to record the benefits to them of taking part in the partnership and will also be of interest to EPSRC.

Zeting Mei

PhD student University of Sheffield.
“Fault Modelling and Diagnostics of Permanent Magnet Machines for Wind Power Application.” 

Zeting passed his PhD viva on 4 July 2023. Many congratulations Zeting!

Tingna Wang

PhD student University of Sheffield.
Improving sensor placement optimisation robustness to environmental variations and sensor failures for structural health monitoring systems.” 

Tingna passed her PhD viva on 18 January 2023  Congratulations Tingna!

Sumeet Thakur

PhD student University of Sheffield.
“Modular multilevel matrix converter for multi-mega-watt medium voltage wind energy conversion system.” 

Sumeet passed his PhD viva on 17 June 2022 having taken up a new position in October 2021 as Innovation Engineer in Power Electronics with Siemens Digital Industries in Congleton. He will be working on the design and testing of novel innovative power electronics technologies and networking with universities and UK technical institutes to leverage knowledge and experience. Congratulations Sumeet!


Rajesh Kumar

PhD student University of Sheffield.
“Transverse Flux Permanent Magnet Machine for Wind Power Applications.” 

Rajesh passed his PhD viva on 20 April 2022 and then began a new role with Alvier Mechatronics in November. Based in Newcastle initially for six months, but then relocating to Hoganas in Sweden, Rajesh has been appointed as a Senior Electrical Machine Design Engineer working on the development of electrical machines for eDrive Systems. Congratulations Rajesh!

Tianyi Liu

PhD student University of Sheffield.
” Sensorless Control of Permanent Magnet Wind Power Generators under General Parameter Variations and Asymmetries”. 

Tianyi passed his PhD viva on 6 January 2022. Congratulations Tianyi!

In May 2022 Tianyi took up a new post working as a senior research engineer in electronic control for the Research Institute of Electrical Technology in the Midea Industrial Technology Group in Shanghai, China.

Dileep Kumar Kana Padinharu

PhD student University of Sheffield.
“Novel Vernier Permanent Magnet Machines for Offshore Wind Power Application”. 

Dileep passed his PhD viva without corrections on 22 October 2021. Congratulations Dileep!

In January 2022 Dileep started a new career with Dyson in Malmesbury as a Senior Motor Drives Engineer (motor research) working on designs for vacuum cleaner applications.

Jin Xu

PhD student, University of Sheffield.
“Control of Dual 3-ph Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators for Wind Energy Systems”.

Jin passed his PhD viva in October 2021. Congratulations Jin!

Jin started a new role as a motor control engineer with McLaren in Woking in September 2021. He will be working on the development of motor control strategies for high-performance inverters.

Ximeng Wu

PhD student, University of Sheffield.
“Sensorless Control of Permanent Magnet Wind Power Generators under Starting”.

Ximeng passed his PhD viva on 19 August 2021. Congratulations Ximeng!

In October he maintained his contributions to the project and began work as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate. His work in Work Package 1 will be focused on novel control strategies, control system modelling and controller design for wind turbine applications.

Jaime Maravi-Nieto

PhD student, University of Sheffield.
“Multi-physics Investigation of Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Wind Power Generators”.

Jaime passed his PhD viva on 14 April 2021. Congratulations Jaime!

After completing his PhD, Jamie returned to Spain. In February 2021 he began working as a research engineer for AKKA Technologies, leaders in aerospace, railways, energy and automotive engineering. He is working on onshore wind and hydro generator projects and is delighted that his role involves a continued partnership with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy.



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